[EP2.2.2] [Executable] Q3 & Q4 2022 Ecosystem WG Budget
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Note: This was previously numbered EP16.2.


The Ecosystem Working Group is requesting funding of 2.3 million USD equivalent for the second term. The budget has four categories. All figures are presented in USD equivalent.
request summary|562x428, 50%

Multisigs / Subgroups: $1.5m

Funding in this category is associated with a multisig wallet that has a clearly defined mandate. These multisigs been approved by current stewards of the ENS Ecosystem working group.
Examples of subgroups receiving funding include bug bounty, support mods, dot-eth websites, .limo infrastructure, hackathons, and ENS ecosystem rounds during gitcoin grants rounds.
Funding in this category relates to current and future proposals. Potential examples include on-chain normalization, ENS avatar, and future RFPs. Details on the RFP process can be found in this thread.

Grants: $262k

Funding in this category supports retro-active grants not covered by predefined multi-sigs in the subgroups category. The majority of this funding is expected to be allocated to the prop-house.

Unallocated: $109k

The funds in this category are reserved for unexpected needs of the working group over the term.
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Multisigs / Subgroups: $1.5m
RFP Related: $435k
Grants: $262k
Unallocated: $109k