ENS Logo

Welcome to ENS DAO

Context for ENS

ENS homepage: Where you can register and manage ENS names.
X.com: The official ENS Twitter account
Discord: Where the users can get support and the community can hang out.
Newsletter: Where we catch up on what's been happening in the ENS community.

$ENS Governance Token Airdrop

Airdrop Claim Site: Check your eligibility and claim your $ENS airdrop.
Call for Delegates post: Announcement of the DAO and call for Delegates
$ENS Token Allocation post: Breakdown of the $ENS token allocation
$ENS Claiming post: Overview of the process to claim your $ENS Governance tokens

Context for Governance

Discourse Forum: For discussion on governance proposals and working group discussions.
Snapshot: For off-chain voting on proposals.
Tally: View ENS DAO information on proposals, Delegates, and delegate your voting power.
Sybil: For on-chain voting and viewing Delegates.

Onboarding & Participation

Participation Request Form: To request access for write-access for restricted categories of the Discourse Forum and Governance channels within the Discord Server, please fill in this form.