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[EP1.3.4] [Executable] Q1 & Q2 2022 Public Goods WG Budget

Note: This was previously numbered EP7.4.


The Ecosystem WG is requesting funding to start the Q1/Q2 2022 term. The initial request is made up of three components:

  1. Elected steward compensation: $12,000 in cDAI
  2. Bounties for ENS Public Goods Request for Proposals program: $50,000 in cDAI
  3. Operational Budget $38,000 in cDAI

Total for Q1 & Q2: $150,000.00 in cDAI

The group will be using the price of cDAI in uniswap to calculate the exact amounts requested. We are using cDAI as a accounting unit as a manner to provide a stable value that will still accrue value while not in utilization and resist dollar depreciation. The group can convert them in DAI when sending out payments and grants. The current price of cDAI orbits around 0.021-0.022 per dai and the total budget would be, in today’s value, about 6.85M cDAI.

Elected steward compensation

The group has 5 elected stewards: Alex (avsa.eth), makoto.eth, sumedha.eth, Scott and Richard Moore (Ricmoo.eth). Two of these steward are appointed by True Names and will not be receiving compensation, and one of the other stewards has elected to forego compensation and therefore we will asking only for a total of 12k USD for the total Steward Compensation. Pay for past months will be sent immediately and the remaining will be streamed until june 30th.

Bounties for ENS Public Goods Request for Proposals program:

The bounties will be distributed in prizes of $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 for projects that execute on basic implementation of goals elected by the stewards. These are set to be given directly to projects and not spent on operations. Any funds remaining at the end of the term will be either given back to the DAO or rolled in the Public Goods stewards budget for the next term.

Operational Budget

These will encompass tasks like reimbursements for expenses executed by stewards, payment for projects like a website, social media, or compensation for work done in partner integrations. All payments must be approved by at least 3 other stewards and will be executed in the most transparent manner the stewards can find.

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