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[EP1.3.2] [Executable] Q1 & Q2 2022 ENS Ecosystem WG Budget

Note: This was previously numbered EP7.2.


The Ecosystem WG is requesting funding to start the Q1/Q2 2022 term. The initial request is made up of three components:

  1. Elected steward compensation: $27,500 in USDC/DAI
  2. Bounties for the Bug Bounty program: $50,000 in USDC/DAI
  3. Ecosystem WG operational budget: $50,000 in USDC/DAI, 6 ETH, and 6,500 $ENS

Bug Bounty

The ENS Bounty Program provides bounties for bugs. This program has been running since 2017 and historically has been funded by True Names Limited (TNL). With the creation of the DAO, the DAO is now able to manage and fund the bug bounty. Details of the program can be found here. The $50,000 will be awarded to developers outside of TNL who find vulnerabilities in the ENS protocol. As well as funding for white hat coding in response to system vulnerabilities which arise.

Operational Budget

The operational budget supports ecosystem subgroups with the following allocations:

Subgroup NameDescriptionUSDC/DAIETH$ENS
HackathonsBounties, judging, and facilitating and managing ENS’s hackathon participation.$10,000
IntegrationsBounties for ecosystem integration support$10,000500
3rd Party ProjectsSupport projects that improve the ENS ecosystem, through proactive and retroactive grants.$10,00061,000
Bug BountyAdminister the bug bounty program$5,000
WG Unallocated FundsFunds to be allocated to the above subgroups or facilitate the funding of new subgroups as the council of stewards deem necessary$15,0005,000
Total$50,000 USDC/DAI6 ETH6,500 $ENS

Elected Steward Compensation

Provide compensation for the stewarding and the coordination efforts of active elected stewards.

DescriptionCompensationMonths #Stewards #Total
Base Compensation$1,000/month5.53$16,500
Supplement compensation*$2,000/month5.5N/A$11,000
Total$27,500 USDC/DAI

*Supplement compensation is allocated to the steward who supports coordination or who has greater involvement in DAO activities above what is expected of a steward. The steward council determines how the supplemental compensation is split between the stewards based on contributions of each steward.

It should be noted that the ecosystem working group has three elected stewards (@slobo.eth, @Ginge.eth, @bobjiang) and two appointed stewards (@nick.eth, @jefflau.eth). The appointed stewards are not compensated via this request.

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