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[EP1.2.2] [Social] Election of a new Director of The ENS Foundation

Note: This was previously numbered EP6.2.


This social proposal puts forth a vote for the election of a new Director of the ENS foundation.

This is a contingent proposal that will only be ratified if [EP6.1] [Social] Removal of Brantly Millegan as Director of The ENS Foundation determines that Brantly Millegan shall be removed from the directorship of the Foundation Company.

Contingency: If majority "No" is voted on [EP6.1] [Social] Removal of Brantly Millegan as Director of The ENS Foundation, this proposal shall be null and void.


By a vote of the council, Brantly Millegan was removed as a director of the Foundation Company., the DAO shall decide whether Brantly Millegan is deemed capable, or otherwise, of continuing his role as the Director of the Ethereum Foundation, and to appoint a suitable replacement if he is deems incapable.

A timeline of events that led to this proposal has been posted by Community WG Stewards in another post here and quoted below:

In May 2016, Brantly Millegan tweeted that, โ€œHomosexual acts are evil. Transgenderism doesnโ€™t exist. Abortion is murder. Contraception is a perversion. So is masturbation and porn.โ€

On February 5th, 2022, brantly.eth, well-known as a prominent representative of the ENS protocol, defended these views in a publicly held Twitter space.

Irrespective of oneโ€™s personal beliefs, we, as ENS DAO Community Stewards, must set the example for inclusivity and must not divide our community.

Propagating rhetoric that is viewed as hateful and discriminatory is not conduct conducive to the role as a Community Steward. This conduct will not be tolerated despite oneโ€™s contributions to the protocol.


The appointment of the incoming Director will be held by a ranked choice Snapshot vote from a list of pre-determined nominees. Additionally, there shall be an option for voters to select "None of the above" or abstain from this vote.

Draft Ranked Choice Snapshot Vote

Who should be elected as the new Director of the ENS Foundation? Choice 1: avsa.eth Choice 2: daylon.eth Choice 3: healingvisions.eth Choice 4: None of the above. Choice 5: Abstain.

Note: *This list was randomized by @berrios.eth.

The nomination process for this appointment can be found here, and a summary of Director's roles, responsibilities, compensation and liabilities can be found here.

Notice to The ENS Foundation

In line with this proposal, a formal notice is served to the ENS Foundation as follows:

"Pursuant to Article 15 of the Articles of Association, the council, hereby, gives notice to the Foundation Company of the appointment of a director of the Foundation Company, to serve pursuant to the terms of its Articles.

Whereas, the council undertook a vote, via Snapshot, to remove Brantly Millegan,

Whereas, the majority of votes cast was to remove Brantly MIllegan and formal Notice given to the Foundation Company of such result,

Whereas, the council undertook a second vote, via Snapshot, from among nominees of the council, to appoint a new director of the Foundation Company;

Wherefore, the person, if any, with the highest number of votes cast is hereby appointed a director of the Foundation Company.

The results to be formally noted in the council records and the name of such person, if there be one, shall be promptly communicated to the Foundation Company without further process."

You may view each candidates delegate application here and comments in on nominees for directorship here.

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