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DNS Registrar guide


DNSSEC (The Domain Name System Security Extensions) establishes a chain of trust from the root key which is signed by ICANN (.) and down through each key. Given DNSSEC is enabled and an ETH address is put into the subdomain of the domain you own (eg: _ens.yourdomain.tld), ENS manager allows anyone to submit the hash of the chain to DNSSEC Oracle smart contract


Step 1 Setting up DNSSEC signing

When you first land on ENS manager, you will see something like below.
step1: dnnsec not enabled
If your DNS provider already supports DNSSEC-signed domains, all you do is enable the option on the DNS manager.
If they don’t, you’ll need to migrate to someone who does. We recommend either EasyDNS or Google Cloud DNS. EasyDNS’s setup guide for DNSSEC is here, while Google’s is here.
Whatever provider you need, make sure you select RSA signatures and SHA256 hashing.

Step 2: Adding a TXT record

The DNS Registrar on ENS looks for a TXT record with a specific name and format in order to verify what Ethereum address should be given ownership of the domain. To claim ownership of, create a TXT record in your DNS zone,, with text data of the form a=0x1234..., where 0x1234... is the Ethereum address you want to give control of the ENS record to.
step2: add text

Step 3: Registering the name into ENS

Once you get to this stage, you can complete the rest from ENS manager. Simply press "Register" and send the transaction.
step3: owner submit proof

Step 4: Go to the manager

step4: owner


Can I register any DNS domains through ENS app?

Technically speaking, over 90% of domains can be supported. Some TLDs (.ceo, .art, .club, .luxe and .kred) are operated by each DNS registry.

If I own DNS name, can I claim for myname.eth ?

You may be confused with short name reservation process. Under DNSSEC integration, you can only claim for the correspondent ENS name with the same top level domain (TLD). .eth is managed completely separately.

Once I register the domain, how can I transfer or delete ownership?

Unlike .eth permanent registrar, there is no notion of registrant which can transfer the ownership of the controller. If you want to transfer the ownership to any address other than the currently registered address, please update the corresponding DNS record from your DNS manager and click "Transfer" from our ENS manager.
We currently haven't enabled the ability to delete the ownership. Having said that, you can achieve the same effect if you set the owner record to a=0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 then click "Transfer" from the ENS manager.

Can I register my DNS subdomain?

No. DNSSEC registration is only enabled for the second level domain (eg: If you want to create, then click "Subdomains" tab of our manager and create it from ENS manager just like other subdomains under .eth.