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Sign In With Ethereum (SIWE)

Authentication is difficult. SIWE makes life easy.


Specification (see spec)

The SIWE Specification is rather simple. It describes a message format that a user ought to sign using their keys to be able to sign-in. The message MUST include a subject, nonce, and a timestamp. These parameters prevent replay-attacks, cross-site usage, and more, all while maintaining a very human readable form.

An example payload looks like the following:

localhost wants you to sign in with your Ethereum account:

This is a test statement.

URI: https://localhost/login
Version: 1
Chain ID: 1
Nonce: abcdef1234567890
Issued At: 2023-01-30T00:00:00.000Z


Feel free to give it a try, the button below is a live interactive demo. With source code available on github.



The team at SpruceID has done a phenomenal job writing plug-and-play utilities that let you easily integrate ethereum-based authentication into your project. Whether you are using Next.js, React, or OpenID Connect.

In addition to the above SIWE has been integrated into connectkit & more.


SIWE in Next.js
Wagmi (React)
TODO: Code Snippet for next.js


SIWE in React
Wagmi (React)
TODO: Code Snippet for the React


SIWE Using ConnectKit
Wagmi (React)
TODO: Code Snippet for the ConnectKit

What about smart contracts

More research required.

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