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Naming Contracts

For most regular wallets you can set your primary name from within the Manager App. However also smart contracts can have names, and even better they can have primary names.


In order for you to manage the primary name of your smart contract, you need to own the reverse node for the contract address. There are several ways of doing this, depending on if you are actively developing your contract or if it is already deployed.

New Contracts

If you are developing a new contract, and you want to be able to easily set the ENS Primary Name for it.


There is a simple drop-in module called the ReverseClaimer.sol

contract MyContract is ReverseClaimer {
    constructor (ENS ens) ReverseClaimer(ens, msg.sender) {
        // ...

When you deploy your contract it will automatically claim the reverse node for that contract address.

Ownable (OpenZeppelin)

You can can also choose to have your smart-contract implement Ownable from OpenZeppelin. The ReverseRegistrar supports the Ownable interface and will let the Owner set a Primary name.


//SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity >=0.8.17 <0.9.0;

import {ENS} from "../registry/ENS.sol";
import {IReverseRegistrar} from "../reverseRegistrar/IReverseRegistrar.sol";

contract ReverseClaimer {
    bytes32 constant ADDR_REVERSE_NODE =

    constructor(ENS ens, address claimant) {
        IReverseRegistrar reverseRegistrar = IReverseRegistrar(ens.owner(ADDR_REVERSE_NODE));

You can read more about setting a primary name for a contract in on the support page.

Existing Contracts

If your contract is already deployed you might still be able to set a name for it. If your contract supports the Ownable interface from OpenZeppelin, you can use the tool above to set a name for it.

Safe, Multisig & DAO

If your contract is a Safe, Multisig, DAO, or has a function that can send arbitrary ETH calls, you can use the ReverseRegistrar contract directly to set a name for it. You might even be able to use the ENS Manager App inside of your safe app to set a primary name.

Setting a name for your contract

Once you have granted yourself ownership of the contract's reverse node you can set the name for the contract. You can do so by hitting the setNameForAddr function on the Reverse Registrar.

From your contract you can execute setName function on the Reverse Registrar

Reverse Set Name For
Supports Ownable
User is owner of contract
Set Reverse Name.
ReverseRegistrar.setNameForAddr(<Address>, <Owner>, 0x231b0Ee14048e9dCcD1d247744d114a4EB5E8E63, <Name>)
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