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Getting Started

This section walks you through how to leverage the ENS open standards to improve the user experience of your app.


If you are looking to jumpstart your journey with ENS, or you are looking for a quick reference, visit the Quickstart page.

QuickstartTo jumpstart your journey with names.

Tools and Libraries

ENS is an integral part of the Ethereum ecosystem. Fortunately, the open-source community is to the rescue, and almost all of the tools and libraries you use today support ENS. To learn more check out the tools & libraries section.

Tools & LibrariesTo learn about the available tools and libraries that interact with ENS

Avatars, Addresses & Records

Information about a name can be fetched from its resolver, this can be done using pre-built features included in your tooling, or manually by calling the resolver contract directly. If you're interested in interacting with the resolver contract directly, you might find the Resolver Reference section helpful.

Address ResolutionTo find guides on the address lookup features of ENS.


Issuing SubnamesTo an overview of subdomains and the NameWrapper smart contract


ETH RegistrarTo an overview of the two smart contracts that make up the ETH Registrar.