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The ENS Labs team recently announced our plans and roadmap for scaling ENS to the entire internet and beyond. You can read more on our blog, on X, and the forums. The roadmap involves migrating .eth registrations to a new system, in addition to improved support for existing L2 solutions. You can findout more on the changelog.

But isn't ENS on mainnet?
ENS Multichain

Yes, technically. The resolution process always starts on mainnet. There needs to be, one source of truth after all. However, the name resolution process can branch off to other chains, offchain gateways and much more.
To read a more indepth explanation of how resolution works, checkout the section dedicated to the Resolution Process.

My dapp is on X but I want ENS
dApp Multichain

The ENS Protocol can be used on/for any chain! If you are building a non-mainnet dApp and want to use ENS names simply add a Mainnet RPC to your Wagmi config and specify chainId: 1 in your config like so:

import { useAccount, useEnsName, useEnsAvatar } from 'wagmi';

const Name = () => {
    const { data: ensName } = useEnsAddress({
        address: 'luc.eth',
        chainId: 1, // (1 = Ethereum, 5 = Goerli)

    return <div>{ensName || address}</div>;

And voila! You can now resolve ENS names anywhere! 🎉

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