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Name Wrapper Overview

The Name Wrapper is a new contract for ENS that allows you to "wrap" any ENS name into a ERC-1155 NFT.

Without the Name Wrapper

Before the Name Wrapper, only .eth 2LDs (second-level domains, like ens.eth) had ERC-721 NFTs associated with them, unless the owner created a separate custom contract.

Subnames without NFTs

With the Name Wrapper

Name Wrapper Diagram

Parent-Controlled Fuses:

  • Fuses that only the parent owner can burn
  • "Perks" that can be given to the owner of a name

Example: By burning CAN_EXTEND_EXPIRY, you allow the owner to extend/renew their own subname

Owner-Controlled Fuses:

  • Fuses that either the owner or parent owner can burn
  • "Permissions" that can be revoked on a name

Example: By burning CANNOT_TRANSFER, the wrapped NFT can no longer be transferred or sold.

Subname Fuses:

  • The parent owner has the power to burn fuses when creating subnames
  • Decides what perks, permissions, or guarantees to give to subname owners
With this new contract, you can wrap:
  • Any .eth name or subname

    Examples: name.eth, sub.name.eth

  • Any DNS name or subname

    Examples: name.com, sub.name.com

Unwrapped .eth 2LDs have the concept of a separate Owner (Registrant) and Manager (Controller).

This changes after you wrap the name, because there is only a single account that serves as both the Owner and Manager for the wrapped name.

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