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Smart Contracts

The Ethereum Name Service is made up of a set of smart contracts. These smart contracts are responsible for storing and managing information associated with names.


The resolution process outlines how a name is resolved. This includes the process of finding a resolver, and then using that resolver to fetch information about a name.

Resolution ProcessThe resolution process


Every name has a resolver, responsible for fetching information about a name, such as address, avatar, and more. Resolvers allow for programmatic control over the information associated with a name, implemented in solidity.

There are various resolvers to choose from, such as the Public Resolver or write your own.

Resolvers Quickstart

Registry & Registrars

The smart contracts can be found on github at ensdomains/ens-contracts.

Source Code

The code for the ENS Smart Contracts as well as information around the latest deploys, tests, and more can be found on github.

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