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The Ethereum Name Service is so much more then just .eth names. It is a general-purpose naming system that can be used for any kind of name. This includes DNS names. DNS functionality was originally introduced in ENSIP-6.

Importing a DNS name

There are currently two ways of importing a DNS name into ENS. Both methods require you enable DNSSEC on your domain, and setup a TXT record. This record is then verified using smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

To import a name, simply visit the ENS Manager, type in your name, and click "Import DNS". You will walked through setting up your DNS records. Additionally you can read more about the records and specifications here:

Importing a DNS name Gaslessly

Why DNS on ENS?

ENS aims to extend the existing functionality of the DNS system. This also means that existing DNS names (such as .com, .org, or .xyz) should be able to leverage the benefits of the ENS resolution process.

.com.xyz.nl.net.org.shop.photos.pizza.cash.money.news.info.gold.domains.social.de.city.lol.rip.company.es.network.me.us.id.fr.space.ninja.tools.wtf.capital.finance.vision.limo.link.uk.world.dev.day.fyi.cooland any other DNSSEC-compatible domain...

DNS Names in the wild

DNS names are widely used and many users may already have one without even realizing it. Some major platforms that issue subdomains of their DNS names include:

Top-Level Domains

In addition to allowing any DNSSEC enabled name to be imported, ENS also allows existing DNS TLDs to take control of their smart-contract resolution process. Resulting in even more seamless integration with the DNS system.

A list of all supported TLDs can be found here

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